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Conspiracy Theories (1): Area 51, the backyard of Aliens

In this series of conspiracy theories, I will try to focus on the most talked about conspiracy theories that have been ‘hovering’ above us for a long time. The biggest reason why these theories have been regarded as conspiracy in nature is the complete silence and secrecy by governments, especially those of USA, Russia and other powerful countries.


Area 51 is a top secret US military base located in southern Nevada, 133 km north-north west of Las Vegas. It is also known as the Secret UFO Headquarters for UFO and Paranormal Activities. It is called area 51 because it is in grid no 51 of the Nevada test site. Area 51 is controlled by the United States Air force Test Flight Centre. The base was created in 1954 and is used for testing exotic aircraft and weapons.

The first flight test was carried out to test the secret U-2 spy plane that was used to fly missions over Soviet Union. After that other flights, including SR-71, A-12, D-21, and F-117A were also tested and housed in Area 51. In 1980s the base became a larger base along with runway of 6 miles. Then the mysterious lights began to appear and the US government closed many viewpoints overlooking the base.


A physicist named Bob lazar who worked at another military base located south of Area 51 claimed that Area 51 was used as a testing ground for extremely advanced aircraft and UFOs they got by trading with aliens. Many people believed Area 51 was indeed a secret test site for UFOs because of numerous sightings of lights in the night sky.


The most compelling evidence about the aliens was the famous ‘alien interview’, which is included in this article.  There are also videos of UFO sightings around the Area 51.