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Conspiracy Theories (3): Princess Diana was Murdered by the British Establishment

Princess Diana was one of the most loved people in recent times. When she was betrayed by her husband Prince Charles, millions of people sympathized with her. The innocent, the beautiful princess was like a dream. When the news of Diana and her then boyfriend Dodi Alfayed’s car crash that More »

Conspiracy Theories (2): 9/11 Attack Was Not Carried Out by Al-Qaeda

This is not what I believe, but it is a conspiracy theory on September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Centre in New York. The attack destroyed the 110 story (1727 ft) twin towers. Many architects and scientists argue that 9/11 was not carried out by terrorists, leaving us More »


Category Archives: My All Time Favourite International Songs

My All Time Favourite International Songs (3): ‘Moghram Ya Lail’ by Ragheb Alama (Arabic)

The song ‘Moghram Ya Lail’ by Ragheb Alama is one of the trademark songs of him.  Ragheb Alama is a Lebanese singer and composer based in Cairo, Egypt.  He has a career spanning over 25 years. He was awarded the Murex Dor award as the best Arab singer and he won the platinum CD award as the Best Selling Middle Eastern Artist two times: 1992 and 2009.

Most of his albums used to achieve the top ranking in sales. Ragheb Alama was the first among Arab Stars to videotape a music video “Albi Eshiqha” in 1991. Ragheb Alama’s concerts were the most wanted and the most turnout among all. International companies such as, Samsung, Persol, Mercedes Benz, Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, and Lou Loua Project in Qatar signed contacts with Ragheb Alama for their marketing campaigns.

In April, 2009 and for the first time in the Arab world, Ragheb Alama achieved the platinum award from Virgin Megastore in Dubai for the highest sales of albums among others. The album named “Ba’asha’ak” produced by his own company BackStage Productions.

I just can’t stop listening to this song. The music, the singing and the voice is simply too good. Arabic music that is produced in Egypt is of high quality and its unique.

My All time Favourite International Songs (2): Şımarık (Kiss Kiss) by Tarkan (Turkish)

The song Şımarık (spoiled in Turkish) known as kiss kiss is the signature song of Turkish singer Tarkan. This song is gloabally knows as kiss kiss because its chorus ends with two characteristic kiss sounds. The song is from the album ‘Ölürüm Sana’. It was released in 1998 in Europe and the rest of the world in 1999. It reached No.1 in Belgium, No 2 in Norway No. 3 in Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Sales went gold in Europe, where Tarkan was presented with his gold disc at Cannes Midem and in Germany by Universal and platinum in Latin America where it knocked Enrique Iglesias off the top slot.

My All time Favourite International Songs (1): Asareje – Las Ketchup (Spanish)

Though it is in Spanish, the original Las ketchup song was an international hit in 2000. It’s English title is ‘The Ketchup Song’. However, another mixed English-Spanish version of this song described as ‘Spanglish’ exist. It was performed by the Andalusian pop group ‘Las Ketchup’. The group consisted of three beautiful sisters. This song reached no 1 in UK charts. It also occupied 26 other music charts around the world. In addition to that, it was the Dutch best selling single of the decade 2000-2010.